"All bark All bite"




"Danger dog"


"Into the void"


"Black shuck"


"The Sun Council"


"By the window"

"The dog is often there, but I have yet to see my neighbours."

"Death XIII"

Pictures: Igor Jasinski Ltd 

"All bark all bite"

DTG T-shirt

"Sad bitch 1994"

Distressed embroidered cap


Embroidered patch

"Momotxorro" is a character from the Basque carnivals.

Covered in blood and equipped with pitchforks, they stampede down the streets intimidating whoever is in their way;they later calm down during a dance and gather around a bonfire.

This tradition, like many other elements of Basque and other iberian cultures, was banned for 40 years during the Francoist dictatorship of Spain. The carnivals of Altsasu were recovered in the 1980s.



"In the headlights"

"She suddenly stopped the car when the headlights illuminated the figure of a dog."

"Mommy!" the little girl yelled, leaning over her mom's seat and pointing at the silhouette that stood in the middle of the road.

"Poor puppy, he is lost! Can we take him home?"

"Lunar effect"

Graphite, digital

"Dark devotion"

Graphite, digital

"Sad Bitch"

Ink, digital

"Delusions of grandeur"

Graphite, gold leaf, digital

"The moon"

Graphite, ink, digital

"Saint Christopher"

Graphite, gold leaf, digital


Acrylics on canvas

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